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Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy busy March

Well everyone this past month has been pretty crazy. With me deciding that Korea would be whats best for Kason and I and then making sure I get everything squared away before hand. At the beginning of March I had to go and get the command sponsorship packet ready and put in and that was just approved this past Tuesday. So what that means is that Kason is officially coming with me to Korea and that will be put in my orders. Along with that though I had to put in a deferment so that my orders get pushed back a month so instead of me reporting on April 12th I have until May 12th. Which leaves me some time to go back to Chicago and see my family. Its still kind of scary because May is right around the corner and I have so much I have to do it feels like. Hadley anytime to breath as it is. I kind of just cant wait to get there so that Kason and I can settle in and get adjusted to a routine. I also would like to add that yesterday I did get my PCS award, which was the Army Achievement Medal. :) It was nice to be recognized. Well that's whats going on in the army world.

In the civilian world in which my family and friends reside there have been many exciting things happen there. To start of my sister came back to Visit Kason and I for 2 weeks and we had lots of fun together...I got a bit more time off work this time than I did last time. We went to Charleston for a Marriage retreat...of course Chrissy didn't participate in that she just watched Kason. lol But while we were there we went to the Aquarium and the took a boat ride out to Fort Sumter and did lots of shopping. Well actually I think I did the most. haha. But we had a great time and I love spending every second with my sister that I can. I also love seeing her and Kason bond. I know that Kason loves her very much and I know she loves him as well.
The picture the left here is Chrissy, Kason, and I at the Charleston Aquarium. The picture on the right is Chrissy and Kason at Fort Sumter. Some other very exciting news is that on March 18th my friend Sam gave birth to her beautiful daughter Leila Ryan. I wish I could have been there to see them both but soon enough I will be and I am very excited to do so. But the best news of all in my family is that on March 23rd (one day shy of Chrissy's birthday) my 2nd niece came into the world. Her name is Averie Juliette and just a precious baby girl. I am so happy for my brother, sister in law and of course my other niece who is now a big sissy Mila. Here is a picture of my stunningly beautiful Niece A.J.
Alright well that is pretty much all of the exciting news that I have for today. Well except that I finally got my tattoo for Kason. Which is amazing. It is 2 butterfly's one is small and blue and that one represents Kason and the other is big and pink and that represents me. Mommy butterfly flying to her baby and then I also got his name and birthday on my shoulder as well. Here are the pictures of them.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chrissy is back

So last Thursday Chrissy came back for another visit. She got free tickets because her plane got cancelled the last time she was here. So she decided to use them on us. Unfortunately though during her trip Kason has been pretty sick. He has bronchitis. :( It is no fun any of us. He is really congested and plain old miserable. It took us forever last night to get him to fall asleep. He still does smile and talk a lot though and he is taking his first "sickness" like a trooper and I am very proud of him. He will be going to the Dr. on Tuesday to get his second round of just sucks that he is prolly going to be sick while he is getting them.

Well even with Kason being sick and all (well actually it was before it got as bad as it is now) Jenn came back by and took some more pictures of us all with him. I was so didn't last for very long because he started to act up a little bit. But we did manage to get some GREAT outdoor pics (outside of the apt...his "first" home). Some of me, him, and Chrissy. Josie even joined in to for some. She is such a great photographer and I love all her pictures. She is going to make me go broke. lol I wish I could take her to Korea with us. haha

This picture here on the left is me and him right outside our door.

Well lets see I think I did get a little bit ahead of myself while I was talking about this past weekend. So let me rewind a little bit. The day before Jenn took pictures we went over to Josie and Jeremy's house (Friday night I believe it was)My sister, Kason and I were there along with Jen, Jason, and Madison. Well and of course Josie and Jeremy. lol But we hung out had some dinner and sat around and talked for a was a lot of fun and pretty relaxing. Madison sat down and sang Kason Twinkle Twinkle little star and she told him about the story of the 3 bears I believe. It was so cute because Kason layed there and looked at Maddi the whole time. Jenn took some sweet pictures of course and I have to receive them but when I do you will see them I promise. :)

Alright now so back to this week. It has been a pretty boring week aside from Kason being sick and me working. haha. There hasn't really been to much going on aside for making the final schedule and what not for my Battalions marriage/family retreat this weekend. We are going to downtown Charleston and yes Chrissy and Kason are coming I am very excited...hopefully Kason is feeling better so we can go out and have some fun and hopefully this darn weather corporates with us.

The last thing that I will talk about for this blog is Layla Grace. A few weeks ago I heard of a story of Layla Grace and young and beautiful 2 year old who was fighting a beast. A beast the doctors call Cancer. She had Stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma. This is a type of cancer only infants can get and she was diagnose with it at the young age of 19 months. For a year almost now she had been battling this beast and as I sat and read all the tweets her parents had on twitter and all the blog posts they had about what was going on with her I couldn't help but cry. This young girl was quickly loosing her battle and as of yesterday morning she passed away. She has grown her wings and flown away with the Angels to Heaven. Her story as touched my life and changed me forever. Its insane how quickly a wonderful child can come into this world and how quickly they can be taken away. She is a strong little lady and I am glad that she is finally pain free...and I pray so hard for her mom and dad and sisters during this very trying time. As I write this even tears roll down my face. I love this girl so very much and I don't even know her...but my heart is breaking for her family. I thank god everyday for the precious gift he gave me when allowing me to have Kason...he is the best thing to ever happen to me and I cant imagine ever loosing him. But Layla's story has taught me to treat everyday like its our cherish every smile, every laugh, every hug everything and anything. You never know when something may happen. Rest In Peace beautiful Angel.