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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Whats to Come for Kason and I

Well this week my unit has started to do all of my paperwork for my chapter. There are so many weird emotions and feelings that I have but I know that deep down in my heart my descion to get out is what is best for both me and Kason. I couldn't Imagine every being separated from my previous baby boy. He is my heart and soul. So anyways if everything goes well with my chapter than I should be out of the Army by mid to late march and we will be on the road to Chicago to live with my sister. First we will be making a pit stop in Cincinnati, OH to visit my aunt and uncle who I haven't seen a couple of years and we will most likely stay there for a couple of days. Then I will finish out my trip to Chicago. So this next month between Army stuff and packing and what not will be pretty hectic...not to mention spending time with the great friends that I have made here in South Carolina.

Well onto other things going in my life. My sister came and payed a visit with Kason and I for 2 weeks. It was really nice to have her here. She spent time with Kason while I worked, we went out for my 21st birthday. That's right I turned 21!!!

That's me with one of my first legal drinks, an Appletini and boy was that good!

Another thing we all did was take Kason to the zoo and he seemed to really enjoy that...well at times. He did get fussy a little bit towards the end, I guess he got sleepy. Here is my favorite picture we took of him there...its him on a lion that you see right when you walk in. OK now and one of the last things that we all got to experience was the "blizzard of 2010 in Columbia, South Carolina". haha, OK well maybe it wasn't a blizzard but for South Carolinians it was very much a blizzard because they have never experienced snow...well very little of it at least. It was pretty entertaining watching some of my neighbors walk in it...obviously they have never had to before. lol. Well I was so happy that Chrissy got to experience Kason's first snowfall with him even though she wanted to get away from it all. We went outside and took lots of pictures to help us remember this great night. I had been praying and hoping for snow in South Carolina all winter...but I really wanted it on Christmas day, who am I to complain tho? We did get some at least. Well here is a picture of the 3 of us I feel like it was such a magical even caused Chrissy's plane to get cancelled on that we got another day with her. Spending so much time with her made me look forward to moving in with her. This was the first time in YEARS that we have ever been together for more than a night or two. I am very excited to be sharing Kasons life with her...and so happy that she will be able to watch him grow up and turn into the outstanding man he is destined to become. :) Well I think this is all I have to say for today. Hopefully I will be able to keep this up more often...but we will see how that goes. Lots of Love from your two favorite people...Lexi and Kason!

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